Sunday, November 3, 2013

Now for something completely different

Last Sunday we welcomed something new to our farm. Two female Miniature Belted Galloways.

They came from a lovely farm up in Vermont who has the traditional black and white, but also duns, and chocolates. We just knew we wanted two females as they should be smaller than the males so that will hopefully add up to them being easier to handle. They should reach 42 inches and 600lbs fully grown, so in about 2 years.

They have settled in well to the routine of getting groomed twice a day, and are getting to know us. This is Boo, she is younger than our other girl, and a lot shyer (hence the name), but becoming quite friendly, and was the first over to me when I took pictures.

This is Bridgit who is a little bossier, but easier to lead and groom so far, and a month or more older.

The purpose of the two cows will be to eat down the back pasture a little when they are bigger. We are looking forward to spending a winter outside training and handling them, and getting to know their personalities.

In non-bovine related news the pigs left last week, we're interested to see what they weigh in at. Overall boys were not as friendly or smart as the girls we had last year.

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  1. They are adorable. My friends bred these cows in Groton, MA for a long time and I think they still do. We always called them "oreo cows".