Sunday, September 28, 2008

Show report

Yesterday we attended a very wet Bolton Fair in MA. It was the 126th Bolton fair but the first time we have ever attended it in a show capacity. We took 5 sheep Dreamer, Suncook, Jewel, Gypsy and Cammie (Kanasatka). 
Did I mention wet? Dreamer says who cares where are the animal crackers?

We had a lot of rain Friday and then it rained pretty much non-stop on Saturday with only a few breaks in the weather which is a shame as the fair is a blast to go to. The wonderful thing about the Bolton sheep show is that they actually have a Shetland group so this is the first the first time I've shown against other Shetlands.

Our first class was Yearling ram which Dreamer won.
Our second class was Junior ram lamb which was a large class in which Suncook came 3rd. This was Sandra's first time showing.
Then the kids had took Gypsy and Jewel into Yearling ewes class (another large class) where they came 3rd and 4th respectively.  They also did Yearling pairs which they came 2nd in.

There would be a picture here but blogger wouldn't load it.

Next class was Junior ewe lamb (large class) which I took Cammie in and she won! She then went on to win Champion ewe for the Shetlands.

Still no picture I'll post one later.

We also entered a pairs class with Suncook and Cammie coming 2nd and Dreamer and Jewel coming 3rd. 

What a day!

It was very long (the sheep had to be  penned by 8am and we weren't allowed to leave until 6pm) but really good and I was so proud of my sheep. They met a lot of new people and won a few fans (hi Holly). So many people were surprised at how soft the sheep are and that the boys horns are warm. The children also took the sheep into a sheep agility class but I'll post pictures of that tomorrow if blogger lets me lol. 

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I love the new fencing

So I have invested in PermaNet and ElectroNet fencing from Premier after having an escape from wire fencing. The first type is tall and sturdy but heavy and I'm not that tall so it is harder to install (although I can still get 4 rolls out in 30 mins alone) the second type is lighter and a breeze to put out. Last night I moved a paddock I had made for the 3 boys and put it up in a new place. The whole thing took 10 minutes of my time. 3 rolls of fencing and a good size area. Wonderful.

This morning they liked the new pasture. I like the view from my deck. Of course all of this has to come down soon as I want to put my sheep into their breeding groups. They are all ready to go lol. The wonderful thing about the fencing is that I have more time to do other things like tying practice.

We have a local show next Saturday and this will be our first time showing against other shetlands. The haltering practice is going really well even our new lamb Colby is doing well for a first timer although she's not showing this time out.

Sunny says thanks for the new grass.