Saturday, April 17, 2010

Even more fun, end of lambing.

Gypsy had her lambs on Thursday evening. Triplet ewe lambs. That brings the closing tally to 5 ewes and 4 rams. Here's the happy family group today I like this picture.

This is Dakota she weighed in at 5lbs and looks like she might be fawn.

This is the best picture picture I have of Diana in the back on the right who was a breach and weighed in at 4lbs. Her legs are still straightening out but she's doing well and has a very soft fleece probably moorit.

And this is Delia who was quite the surprise. She weighed in at 5lbs too and is so tall!

Here are some better pictures of Sabrina's triplets. This is the very handsome Winston.

The ever so cute Wilbur (he has little sideburns which I love).

And the tiny but perfect Dixie.

And just to show love to the other lambs here are William and Wallace who make me want to keep more rams. I just love both of these boys and their wonderful fleeces.

And Derry the lamb who started it all and looks like she will be modified like her mom and not black I think light grey. She is a very nice square girl.

Finally this is Marcus who is 8 weeks old today. He loves to play on his back and have his tummy rubbed, my partner calls him Cujo puppy when he looks like this lol.

Michelle you were the closet with your guess so can you email me your address so I can send you the sheep detective story :) Congratulations. I'm off to rest lol. Have a great weekend everyone.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Triple the fun

Sabrina had triplets last night 2 rams and a ewe.

Here's Winston the largest of the three weighing in at 5lbs.

This is Wilbur who was just around 4lbs soaking wet. He already loves attention and I think I caught him mid-stretch so he is blurry.

And last but not least this is Dixie. She also weighed in at 4lbs but is having the hardest time feeding. I supplemented her with a bottle this morning and that seemed to give her a little more of a clue on how to nurse.

Hopefully all three will be bouncing around by this afternoon. This is the first set of triplets we have had here so it is a little nerve wracking. Only Gypsy left to lamb and I am crossing fingers and hoping for girls! This year I will have a lot of rams to sell lol contact me if you are interested in anyone you see, all lambs are for sale :) Everyone else is doing well and Marcus (the puppy) is only waking us up twice a night to go outside.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grand day out

The weather is nicer and pastures are drying up after the flooding. Today all of the girls and babies got to go and eat nice green grass. Of course the lambs made the most of the opportunity.

And they're off. Derry is so pleased to have other lambs to run with!

Here are some better pictures of Cammie's twins. They are both growing nicely and are very nice rams.

William is quite shy and still the bigger of the two he is a handsome guy though.

And I still can't get over how much Wallace looks like Sunny did when he was born. He's going to be an awesome ram. Can't wait to watch him grow more.

Sabrina chose to stay inside today so I think more lambs are on their way :) Have a great weekend everyone.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Guess who's home?

Well a week early but Marcus is home. His breeder said he was doing so well she thought he could leave. So on Saturday we went to collect him. He's only 6 weeks old and weighs in at 2lbs and 9oz.

He likes to play and nap and that's about it lol.

He's adorable and takes up all my time (plus I have been sick with a cold) so I promise better pictures of the very handsome William and Wallace soon. I'd type more but he's asleep on my lap right now which pretty much sums it up.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ain't no foolin' about

Quite the day.

After all of the rain we have had our basement has flooded (again) so we spent time the other night family bonding and using wet/dry vacs to get rid of some of the water. I think that helped me get a stinker of a cold. So today I feel rough and have college etc...great timing for Cammie to lamb. She is a first time mom and looked uncomfortable this morning so we closed her off from everyone else, threw down extra straw and I arranged to come home in-between classes
to check on her. My partner was also checking every hour and would call me if something
happened. In my break I came home and noticed that she had one small hoof visible with some bag. I watched. And waited. And waited. 30 mins later still nothing so now I am worried and call my vet. I find gloves, lube, and lambing supplies and while on speakerphone to the vet feel what leg it is. Front. And a chin. With the vet over an hour away I feel around for the other front leg. I think this encouraged her to finally push seriously and within a minute with my assistance we had a ram lamb.

Introducing William weighing in at 5lbs.

All seemed well and I was pretty convinced that was it, Cammie wasn't that large. Sometimes nature likes to prove us wrong though and literally within 15 minutes hooves and a face appeared and another lamb hit the ground.

Introducing Wallace weighing in at just about 4 1/2lbs and looking like his daddy.

Cammie was wonderful drying them up and getting them to nurse. Both were up and eating within 10 minutes of being born. Everything seems to be going well. What a day to come home sick! Sorry the pictures aren't the best they were very young here and will look much better tomorrow or the next day when they can go outside and are all dry.