Friday, January 23, 2009

Horse related

I'm sure I've talked about my wonderful horse Muppet, he moved to a lovely new boarding barn a few months ago and has really settled in. Here he is with one of his buddies Emir.

He's really growing up and maturing a lot in lessons. We even started learning to jump this week after concentrating on dressage for the last few months. In fact we will be showing this year and beginning to school cross country which is scary but cool at the same time.

Oh and this picture is me attempting to be artistic. The picture is taken in daylight and I thought it was quite pretty through the clouds. Anyway sheep pictures will follow in the next few days. Or that's the plan anyway.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

One of the groups

So I thought I'd put up a few pictures of one of the groups for this year. This is Painted Knoll Suncook with his two girls Hythe Sabrina and Bluff Country Gypsy. I am really looking forward to seeing what happens with this group. 

I am expecting some lovely shades of the brown spectrum and hopefully some flashy markings lol. The fleeces in this group should be wonderful as well. 

This is the first year breeding for both Sunny and Gypsy and the second year for Sabrina who had twins last year (Bella and Yates). I am of course hoping for ewe lambs...I'd consider dancing around the paddocks if I thought it would do any good! This groups lambs should be here around the start to middle of March if my math is correct.

Sheep chores for the month are a little more halter work and some hoof trimming. I need to contact my shearer and arrange for them to come out in March as ell. This way my fleeces will be skirted and ready for the MA sheep and wool festival in May and maybe even CT and NH too. Oh and send in my NASSA dues.

We are expecting more snow tonight. Hopefully I can get some snowy pictures of my second group. I also need to get some good pictures of Hermione and Colby as I think I am going to sell them this year to make room for the color lambs I want to join my flock.

That's all and I hope everyone had a happy new year.