Wednesday, July 29, 2009

More halter training

The other evening we did more halter training with the 3 sheep going to the show. Just some walking up and down the driveway. Everyone stayed on their hooves this time.

Sunny was very good. He needs more work standing square but we'll keep practicing that.

Cammie is becoming more affectionate and walks very nicely now in her halter.

Jaquith walked followed the other sheep very nicely, and is getting more used to being made a fuss of. 

Luckily we have 2 more weeks of halter training to go before the show...oh and baths. Should be fun! We also finally have sunshine here so the vegetable garden is exploding, it should be a good harvest.

Edited to ask if anyone knows a place to buy paper twine? I am entering a few fleeces in the show and they can only be tied in that. Thanks if you do, I have looked everywhere.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lazy day (and something for a friend)

It was finally a sunny day when I went to the barn so I took a few pictures of my boy Muppet. He's had about 7 weeks off now and is getting a little bored. 

But today he was very happy to be out on the pasture with his best buddy Basil. They are like the Bert and Ernie of the barn and have their own special whinnies to each other...super cute.

And here's a picture for my friend Alex.

Mikey sends you big kisses.

Hopefully this evening we can do some more halter training at Ridgeway Farm of the sheep showing at the Bolton Fair. I'll try and get some pictures of that too.

Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm back

Well just about. Surgery went very well and the doctor discovered the source of the problem was in her own words "a huge bone spur, and more bursitis than I'd ever seen before." Today I had my second session of physical therapy and can get a full range of movement (as long as someone else moves my arm), and there is less swelling there now than before the surgery. Unfortunately I can't really use my arm much and am forbidden to pick up anything heavier than a dinner plate in it for a few more weeks. I just want to know when I can start riding again and mucking out.

Anyway the show must go on. So halter training began today for the sheep going to the Bolton Fair. This years fair is a big deal, the featured sheep is the Shetland and I have been asked to talk about conformation. I'm using the NASSA site but any more information would be gratefully received. 

Here's Jacquith showing her pose for the ring. It's only her first time being lead and she actually got the hang of it near the end.

Cammie is a pro, but needs work on standing still in position.

Sunny was a little rambunctious, but again got the hang of it and managed well.

Oh, and the chickens are growing wonderfully. Here's Christina one of my silkies looking adorable.

Tomorrow I am visiting Muppet. If the weather is nice I'll take my camera.