Saturday, February 23, 2013

What's new?

Well a whole lot has changed.

We have decided to sell the Shetland flock and just keep Edward our Cotswold wether, and today we brought in Eleanor our new Cotswold ewe yearling. I very much adore Eleanor's ears!

The sheep are just going to be pets. No more crazy breeding and keeping of rams for us. We still have one Shetland ewe but she is due to leave very soon.

As you can tell by the layout change on the blog we are now going to focus this blog on our hobby farm. We have 5 older chickens (the retired group), and 7 younger chickens that are in their laying prime. We plan to raise two pigs organically again this year for meat, and have a few other animals joining us this year on our adventure.

My horse after a horrid year last year is finally on the mend! I'm sure I will continue to chronicle our adventures in dressage here too.

We also will talk a little about growing fruits and vegetables in the New England weather, and trying to start a garden.

It should be fun.