Friday, August 2, 2013

Busy summer

I love summer, but it sure is busy on a farm in summertime! So what have we been up to on the farm this summer? Well we really enjoyed raising the two pigs last year so we are doing that again. This year it is two male piglets. We picked them up in June, and here they are at about 12 weeks in age.

If you're wondering about raising a pig for meat here's what it will cost you. So far the costs have just been cost of piglet ($80 each), shavings ($6.50 per bag, so far only used 1 bag), and grain ($30 a bag because we feed them organic grain). We already had fencing, a feeder, and water tubs. In 5 weeks they have eaten 6 bags, or 300lbs of grain, and tripled in size. They are with us until late October, and I expect them to be a lot bigger than the girls we had last year if they continue this growth pattern!

We also now have 2 nigerian dwarf goats. They are three months old, and doing really well. We visited a friend, and just sort of fell in love with them. This is Starbuck (on the left) and Boomer (on the right). We are excited to watch them grow up, and eventually fit in with the sheep to help with the grazing. They are becoming quite friendly, although they actually prefer to stay inside, than to venture out, and spend most of their time asleep in the hay rack....a problem we hope to solve this weekend. Unlike the sheep who would rather spend all of their time outside whatever the weather.

Talking of the sheep. Edward...

And Eleanor are both doing very well. They have become very friendly this summer, and will come over to eat grain from my hand in the morning and evening. I think they are both adorable, I am just not sure what to do with this years fleeces. I guess I will try to put them on craigslist and see if I have any takers as I am too late to show them at the local fair.

The ducks are doing very well too. They are comical to watch and keep the whole family entertained. Jeremy still can't quack, but the three girls make up for it. No eggs yet, but they should start laying soon.

The chickens are enjoying being out on pasture, although every day is like an easter egg hunt as we try to find where they have stashed them!

August is a busy month for us, but I hope to keep you all better updated about life on the farm. I hope you all are enjoying your summer.