Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More lambs

Well there has been a delay in posting pictures but Sabrina had her lambs on the 10th in the evening and we were there to watch and help...ok just watch. For a first time mother she did beautifully and gave us Ridgeway Yates who has a very cool white marking which looks like a mullet lol and is the friendliest lamb I know. We also have our first girl Ridgeway Bella who is smaller than the boys and has a beautiful, delicate face. She's a little shy and likes to stay by her mama. They both have the softest fleece.

Now only Jewel to go who was a very bad girl and broke in with Dreamer I can't wait to see what her lamb(s?) will look like. I imagine they should be very flashy though.

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  1. That is a nice lamb, Shula! You can see how straight and square it is in the photo. Nice conformation!

    Now if I can just get your word verification to work. I have a very hard time reading the letters. It took me 5 tries on your other post!