Monday, May 26, 2008

MA sheep and wool festival

I am SO tired. We had a very good weekend at what was our first show for both sheep and fleeces. We left at 6am on Saturday and after a low bridge incident and a little map reading creativity made it to the show grounds at 8.30am. We entered Gypsy and Sabrina's fleeces in the 'Rare and minor breeds' class, Gypsy's was the one I was particularly proud of. Sabrina's was not as clean as I would have liked. Then we unloaded Gypsy and Dream Weaver and took them to their pen for the show on Sunday. After lots of practice they both lead like champions. A flake of hay and they settled right in.

Anyway then our tents went up and we looked around. I don't think it's bigger than the NH show but they have a lot more sheep there. 

At 2pm we got to find out the results of the fleece show and I am very proud to say that Gypsy's fleece won her class! Both fleeces also sold rather quickly which was a shame as I would have liked to get a picture of the ribbon with Gypsy's but when I went back with a camera it had already gone lol. 

On Sunday after a little asking around (and a lot of waiting) we found out that we were showing in the any other breed group in the wool division as we were the only Shetlands at the show. Dream Weaver came 3rd in the yearling ram class, getting beaten by 2 large welsh black mountains and Gyspy failed to place in her class that was a lot larger. I think the judge was looking for size and Shetlands are never going to win there, plus Gypsy is wonderfully delicately boned. The classes were a little disappointing and I'd like to see how they would do against other Shetlands. Overall the show was a success though and both sheep were fully admired, we also promoted the Shetland breed and Dreamer especially had a lot of adoring fans by the end.

Pictures will follow when I am more awake.


  1. Hi Shula,

    Your blog is looking good. I finally decided to start a blog too. I am so impressed you went to a show. Did you end up bathing them? How did you prepare them to show? Congrats!

  2. Hi Kara, thanks :) I bathed Dreamer but Gypsy actually looked very good beforehand. I mostly prepared by making sure they were very clean in their fleece and could be led well and would stand. Thanks again. Give me a link to your blog and I'll add it on my links place ok?

  3. Sure, that would be great. I think I can just type it here right? I'll give it a try:

  4. Oy, how did a Shetland blog slip by me? Thanks for visiting mine; nice to make your "acquaintance"!

    I love the Rocky Sheep Suits, and have had no problems with them of any kind. The only caution I would have is that after measuring and remeasuring, the first ones I ordered were too small, and I've heard others had the same experience. I also heard from someone who has been using coats a long time that rather than getting several different sizes, you can buy them the maximum size you will need for an adult in full fleece, and then fit after shearing or on a younger animal by gathering up the excess at the point of withers and top of rump in lamb bands. She also told me that the first thing to wear out on hers are the leg bands, and the elastic waist bands from men's underwear make great replacements, but I have yet to replace one.

    Now I'll go back and start at the beginning of your blog! Will I find out you have horses?