Sunday, June 29, 2008

Photo time

I took a few pictures today of everyone and here are some of them. I'd post more but I fell off my horse the other day and have a concussion so I don't feel great. Anyway everyone is growing up well.

These two boys are Yankee and Yippee. Yippee was named by one of my dialysis patients at work. Some of his white markings have faded but wow does he have the best horns. Yankee is also growing really nicely and is a very solid young ram. They are my terrible twosome.

Yosemite is still quite the looker and his horns are nice and widely spaced, still seeing how they grow. He is also the first of my lambs who I think is sold. Just hoping that travel plans work out for him as it sounds like a very good home.

Anyway for some reason blogger only likes me posting 2 pictures. So more tomorrow.


  1. The boys look good. I was having blogger photo trouble today too. Can't tell you how many times I tried to get the labels to match up with the photos and accidentally deleted the pictures and had to do it all over again. I'll get the hang of it one of these days. Hope you are feeling better after your fall.

  2. Oh Shula, don't be doing that to yourself! Were you jumping? I just got clearance to start riding Russell at the walk yesterday; Rick was worried he'd be a handful after weeks of stall rest, but I knew better. I'm going to ride down the road and get the mail in a bit....

  3. Michelle. Yes it was all my fault actually which is embarrassing as he landed on the right lead and then I tried to get him to go left and unbalanced him after the jump. He's very new to jumping so he was all confused and I ended up going to other way to him. Should probably invest in a new helmet. Good luck with Russell, I'm jealous that he goes out of the arena, Muppet is a little used to his 4 walls so this summer I am working on that.

    Kara thanks I am feeling less dizzy today and no throwing up....back to work tomorrow then :(