Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Show report continued

Well not exactly the next day but in my defense I had to fly to California for a wedding. Today we got our first frost in MA and the youngsters among my flock were extra frisky this morning. I wish I took pictures.

Anyway back to the show report. Here are the kids in the yearling ewe class. This is the first time they have shown and they are not in 4H (no real interest) but they did have fun at the show. They did a sheep agility class as well which involved walking their sheep through hoops and into a paddling pool which was fun and over a jump and a small bridge. Unfortunately all my pictures are blurry.

Here is Cammie after winning Campion Shetland Ewe at the Bolton Fair. Can you tell I am happy? LOL. I know she's not stood square but she was before that...she was also a little stressed out but we'll work on that before next year.

So my sheep are in their breeding groups. I am only breeding 4 ewes this year and leaving 3 open with my wether in another paddock. So far everything is going very well. The boys will stay in with the girls' for several months as they are both perfect gentleman with the them and actually share their hay (which they won't do with each other). Yeah my boys know how to impress lol. 

Fall colors are all starting and I need to get out there with my camera this weekend.

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