Friday, April 25, 2008

My Ram

I thought I'd introduce and post a few pictures of my ram so here is Bluff Country Dream Weaver. He has a very good fleece, great horns and a wonderful disposition. He has just turned a year old and I hope to take him to a few shows this year. Dreamer is always looking for someone to come and rub under his chin. He particularly likes to eat green cabbage and bananas.  Anyway without further ado here he is...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

More lambs

Well there has been a delay in posting pictures but Sabrina had her lambs on the 10th in the evening and we were there to watch and help...ok just watch. For a first time mother she did beautifully and gave us Ridgeway Yates who has a very cool white marking which looks like a mullet lol and is the friendliest lamb I know. We also have our first girl Ridgeway Bella who is smaller than the boys and has a beautiful, delicate face. She's a little shy and likes to stay by her mama. They both have the softest fleece.

Now only Jewel to go who was a very bad girl and broke in with Dreamer I can't wait to see what her lamb(s?) will look like. I imagine they should be very flashy though.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

First of the season

Hermione gave birth to twin boys today that were a lovely surprise at 7.30AM. Mom and babies are doing very well and are as cute as can be. They are Ridgeway Yippee who is 6lbs at birth. He has the best facial markings ever and such a pretty face. A wonderfully soft fleece and is very friendly.

Then there is Ridgeway Yankee who also has a few white hairs on his tail and an elbow. He is very inquisitive and managed to fall asleep in the hay tire after climbing into it. Both should carry HST genetics from their sire BluffCountry Dream Weaver who is looking wonderful now he is sheared and is staying a very dark black.

Well one down and one to go. Sabrina should be any day now.