Friday, November 20, 2009

Catching up

It's been a weird sort of month so far. First of all thank you everyone for the condolences for Mighty Mouse. The following Sunday our son lost one of his guinea pigs which was very sad too, and ou yard now looks like the start of pet cemetery.

Then I attended Equine Affaire in Springfield with my friend Alex, it is a huge horse event and we had a blast shopping, watching a clinic and collecting freebies. The next day I had a medical conference in Boston which was also good and I got even more free things. My son (been a bad month for him) also had H1N1, but so far everyone else in the house is well. He is better now and back at school thankfully. Oh and somewhere in that week I had time to break a finger and hyperflex a thumb on the same hand lol. However life is finally getting back to normal and I am looking forward to catching up on all the blogs I follow. So here are some pictures for you all.

A glorious sunrise from the start of November.

Christina the very broody silkie.

The brown breeding group of Sunnys. For some reason they all grouped into the shade.

Cammie looking like she is about the burst out of her sheep coat.

Sabrina taking in the sun.

Jacqui also enjoying the rare sunshine.

And the best picture I could get of Jewel who is sad not to be in a breeding group, and now insists on trying to be a close as possible to me.

Thanks again for your patience, I will try and update sometime soon. My daughters birthday party is the weekend and I have too bake a cake tomorrow for it before I take her to see "New Moon'.


  1. Glad to hear from you, Shula! Sounds like you have had quite a month!!!
    Xander is in with his breeding group and I'm already very anxious for Spring...he even has a "visitor" for a breeding!! Pretty cool!

  2. Glad to read your son is feeling better. I hope your finger and thumb aren't terribly painful and heal quickly!

    Your little silkie is adorable. We recently lost one of our old roosters and are looking to add a few more to the farm.

    Your sheep look very cozy in their coats. I'm adding them to my flock a few at a time ;)

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Donna lol I can't wait to see in Spring either. Sounds like he will have a good time. And yes quite the month.

    Deb thanks. I hope your son is better soon too. I love the silkies and they are such little characters. I wish I had gotten chickens sooner! The coats are going well. This is my first year using them. It's ok but you need to have quite the variety.

  4. I can't quite work out where in the world you are but Shetland sheep are one of the hardiest breeds around, so why put them in little coats? Surely four inches of wool coat is enough to keep them warm.

    Nice blog, Simon

  5. Hi Simon :) The coats are to keep the wool clean. Not to keep the sheep warm. Thanks for stopping by.