Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last of the lambs

Cammie finally had her lambs last night. A lovely large (7 lb) ram lamb who we are calling Vladamir, or Vlad for short, although there is not much short about him! She also gave us our second ewe lamb of the year, the tiny (5 lb) RF Eliza who is cute as a button and very full of herself. She was bouncing around like popcorn before she was even nursing. Mom and babies are both doing well.

Unfortunately I didn't manage to get many pictures of them as my camera battery ran out. But they are both adorable. Here's Vlad again, he is bigger and a darker brown than his sister.

So that concludes lambing here at Ridgeway Farm. 4 Ewes had 7 lambs. They consisted off 5 ram lambs and 2 ewe lambs. We are planning to keep RF Eleanor and Vladamir as our wether, everyone else will be for sale. The lambs are growing so fast, I need to get more pictures of them, and as lamb races are well underway here I might try and get some video too. I hope everyone else has had/are having a successful lambing season. I am very happy with the 2011 lamb crop.

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