Monday, July 11, 2011

Meet the new guy

Introducing my new ram Windswept Horseradish.

I picked Rad (Horseradish is not that catchy so Rad is his barn name lol) up from the Northeast Youth Sheep Show which was taking place at the Big E in Springfield. Windswept farm were showing there, very successfully. It was great because it gave me the opportunity to meet Heather and Mike (and their very nice children) and learnt a lot of things. I had a wonderful afternoon talking to them, and got to watch the Shetland show. What a great experience. Then we travelled home. Here we are on our arrival.

I'm excited to see what lambs Rad produces next year. He's a lovely lamb and we hope he'll fit in very well at Ridgeway Farm. I am also looking forward to showing him this summer a few times, and next year when he's a yearling.

Halter training and show preparation start very soon.


  1. Nice looking ram! My first 2 shetlands came from Windswept plus a beautiful mioget ewe. Isn't it crazy how we look forward to next year's breedings so quickly?

  2. He is a pretty little guy! Should produce some nice babies for you. Can't believe breeding season will be here before we turn around twice.