Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A summer day

Happy first day of summer everyone! Still sunshine and warmth here in New England. The sheep are enjoying the pasture and love going out every morning onto grass. But look how lovely it is, I'd like to spend all day out there too.

All of the lambs that have been sold for the year have now left for their new homes. We have actually kept three lambs this year. The plan was to keep two, but Eliza has worked her way into our hearts. Who can say no to this face? And you should feel her fleece!

The chickens are also enjoying the sunshine in their run. They love the chance to go outside and scratch about in the grass.

Things are going well. We just got back from a vacation in the Berkshires. Very picturesque, although much of the landscape was lacking in livestock. A very lovely waterfall was found though. This is Bash Bish Falls.

We took Marcus and he had a lot of fun on his first vacation swimming in a lake. His life jacket came in handy with all the water around that area, and got a lot of use.

The garden is in bloom. Here's a selection...

That's all for now. Back to work.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Have you walked your lamb today?

That could also possibly be rephrased as did you drag your lamb today? Yes halter training started today. We only have 4 lambs to train as 3 ram lambs left today for their new home.

It has been a super busy time here with worming taking place last week, ear tags being put in yesterday and then CDT vaccination number one taking place today. Throw halter training in on top of that and I was very please with how everyone did.

Vaughan (who leaves very soon too) after a shakey start really did very well and should make fast progress. His favorite part was all of the attention he got.

Vladamir really took to it and didn't throw himself on on the floor once. What a good boy.

The same could not be said for Eleanor who didn't so much walk, as leap about or just play dead on the ground. Should be fun to train her not to throw herself around in the show ring.

Eliza (who we have also decided to keep) was not really sure about it at first.

But slowly got the hang of it...a little.

How's halter training going where you are, or do you not halter train? I can't believe how fast the lambs are growing up. Where does the time go.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's a dogs life

My puppy is no longer a puppy. Marcus is over a year old and weighs in now at 13lbs.

He loves to dash about.

A lot

So much that sometimes I miss him altogether!

He also likes to play.

But sometimes he can be quiet and hang out with the other dogs.

Before having to be on the go again.

All the lambs are doing very well. Worming is due this weekend, and hooves may get trimmed too. I need to start my sales list though and get them sold lol. Anyone need a pet wether or a really nice mioget yuglet ewe? I have some mature ewes I would like to sell too.