Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On the move

Well we have been very busy here the past few weeks. Let me try to catch you up, starting with yesterday when 3 beautiful new sheep joined the flock after a lovely 650 mile drive.

This is Edward. He is a Costwold, and is our new fiber wether. I think he is adorable, and he reminds me of a giant teddy bear.

He also showed me that he can shake it out like a dog too!

This is Whispering Pines Isis. Not the best picture of her, sorry. She's a yearling and I am very excited to have such a rich black color, with such a fine fleece joining us.

And Whispering Pines Harvest Moon. Another yearling with a wonderful fine fleece. I am so excited to see next years lambs already!

They all settled in well, and are enjoying the hay and grass.

We spent the weekend finishing the retirement coop for our older chickens. They are really enjoying it, and are already laying eggs in the new nest boxes.

The baby chicks are at the rather ugly stage, but are excited to be out in the coop near the house. I'm looking forward to watching them grow, and produce their first eggs eventually. It is lovely to be able to get so much variety in a flock that is still quite small.

Vladamir, Eliza, Usher, and Jewel all left for their new home last week. They have settled in well. Ulric and Uther will be leaving at the end of the month as soon as they are old enough and are weaned.

My horse Muppet moves to his new barn on Friday. It is much closer to home, and I am excited to have him so close to me again.

Oh and the swallows are feeding their babies in the sheep barn, I managed to photograph them having a well deserved rest though.

That's all. I hope you are all well!


  1. Lovely post; color me jealous over your new Whispering Pines stock!!!

    1. Thanks Michelle :-) I am very happy to have them here.