Monday, July 21, 2008

New additions to the flock

I'm pleased to introduce my two new lambs. I actually picked them up last Saturday and they have settled in really well. I have just been far too busy finishing up work last week to be able to post so here is my delayed picture. I'm sure I'll get more of them later.

Aren't they cute? This is Painted Knoll Suncook (Ram) and Painted Knoll Kanasatka (ewe). I have been looking for a good moorit ram to bred with as Dreamer is black. Their fleeces and colors make them wonderful additions to my small flock. It was also great to meet Nadine, Glenn and all of their animals, they have a beautiful farm.

The babies continue to grow. I have separated all of them except Yosemite and night time in the stables and that has been very successful. Now that I have some time off before I start college again I hope to start the halter training and look out for a few shows to enter my sheep into. 

To anyone else reading this blog any tips for marketing lambs for sale? This is my first year selling any lambs. All of my lambs (except Yosemite again lol) are advertised on NASSA sale site for $200. Yosemite is $250. Does that seem reasonable? Where else can I try? I am hoping that competing at local shows might garner some interest.

Oh final quick picture of some of the flock and what I affectionately call the clover paddock.


  1. Shula,
    I put up fliers in the local feed stores and got the most response from those. I only had one registered ram to sell and the rest were grade Shetlands and a Cheviot cross. I think your pricing is definitely reasonable, in the future hopefully we can command higher prices. Just starting out I had a hard time asking for more. Mine all sold locally, except for one wether and he doing a good job as a companion to the rams and has wonderful fleece. So I think he will end up staying, at least until my population explosion next spring! Good luck! Maybe next year you and I can swap a lamb to keep our flocks diversified. If we met half way it would only be 3 hours. Here's to hoping for ewe lambs!

  2. Ok I'll visit the local Agway stores in the next week or so with flyers and cards. Sounds like a good idea. And yes I am crossing my fingers for ewes next year if only to not think of too many X ram names lol. A swap sounds like a good idea. Thanks Kara :)