Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Head shots and other pictures.

Today I spent a lovely few hours enjoying the not too warm and not too humid MA weather with the sheep and lambs. Here's some of my pictures. I am off on vacation tomorrow to a dude ranch  for a few days. It should be fun.
Like father....

....Like son. This is RF Yosemite. Doesn't he look like his dad? He is the youngest of my lambs but probably the biggest. 

This is RF Yates and he is the friendliest lamb I know. He has a very soft fleece and would be happy to sit in your lap and receive pets all day.

This is RF Yippee looking all regal. Doesn't he have wonderful horns? He's going a very interesting shade of grey. Almost metallic. 

This is RF Yankee (Yippee's brother). I love his markings and his fleece is super soft.


  1. Oh, Shula! Dream Weaver looks so AWESOME and his boys are stunning! I'm happy for you. Did you get any ewe lambs???

  2. Shula, I wish Yankee was a ewe lamb what a cool color! All the boys look great! Here is hoping for ewe lambs next year for you and me.

  3. Oooh, I hope Yates is a wether. It won't be pretty down the road if a full-grown ram isn't getting the cuddling he thinks he deserves....

  4. Nancy. Yes 1 ewe (Bella) she is black and very delicate. I don't think she'll be modified like the boys.

    Kara. I wish they were all ewes that would be easier! As it is breeding season is coming up so I have dropped prices as I need the boys gone before it cools off.Of course I have 2 shows next month so hopefully that will help. I'll cross my fingers for both of us next year.

    Michelle. No he's not a wether. However he's not obnoxious either in his behavior and will fully accept being ignored or sent away. I will weather him based on his horn growth or conformation which are so far good. Dreamer is a full-grown ram and he loves attention as well. If you sit down he will sit beside you but is happy to put his head on your lap to have his chin stroked or just enjoy your company. My vet thinks he's really just a big dog trapped in a sheep's body lol. He's never shown a sign of aggression although I never let my guard down. I'm very happy with his behavior.