Thursday, August 28, 2008

Goodbye Yosemite and safe travels

Today my youngest and one of my favorite ram lambs left for Oregon. It was quite the experience as I have never shipped a lamb by plane before. Here's what I learnt.

1. American Airlines require a health certificate with a date 10 days (max.) from the flight date even though the state health certificate is good for 30 days. Amen for fax machines.

2. The maximum weight of priority cargo is 70lbs....shame that Yosemite in his crate weighed 73lbs. Fatty lol.

3. The person that takes the lamb/sheep to the airport pays for the transportation. Thank God for the ability of wiring funds quickly.

All in all rather a stressful few hours but I'm happy to say he made it on the plane eventually...true it was a later flight than planned but at least I didn't have to drive him back to the airport in the early morning. Now I'll say a little prayer and cross my fingers that he makes it to Oregon safely. 
Goodbye sweetie and be happy and healthy for a long long time.


  1. Oh, Shula ~ those 'mother/son' photos are SO precious!! Is that Jewel??

    Doesn't it just break your heart to tear them away from "mom" and the only home they've ever known and send them off into the unkown....?


    Yes, I know ~ but it feels GOOD to find them a good home and to make the sale!!!


  2. Congratulations on your sale. Who out here is getting the handsome lad? What happened when he weighed in too high?

  3. Nancy - Yes that's Jewel and I love the picture of them outside, that was him at 2 days old enjoying the sunshine. It was very sad to pack him off and send him away but Jewel is being fine about it. She gets extra animal crackers for a few days. I have a text message saying he arrived safely which is wonderful news. He didn't make a noise in his crate the whole time we were with him.

    Michelle - Well they told us first of all that he was too heavy and would have to go regular cargo and because of that we had missed the flight. They wanted us to bring him back at 4am the next morning. I was on the phone to his new owner (Tracy Junge in Oregon) to let her know when they came back out and said that they had talked to their manager and would send him that day on priority again and ignore the 3lbs over. The whole thing took over an hour to decide and have the right paperwork faxed etc. I think I needed a drink afterwards!

  4. Good afternoon, Shula,

    How do I reach you to find out what you have for handspinning fleeces for sale? Can you send me your email address, or email me a list of fleeces and your price per pound? Thanks very much, and best wishes. The sheep are gorgeous.
    Meg C

  5. Oh Shula, that was incredibly stupid of me, to ask to be contacted and then leave no contact info. If you're willing to email info on your fleeces, or tell me how to find your fleece page, contact me at

    Thank you - Meg