Monday, December 1, 2008

Non sheep photos

Well the dogs were all out running around in the yard this weekend, and I got a few pictures so here is the pack. First of all we have Murphy. As far as we can tell he is a Miniature Pincher mix. He is a rescue and we have had him since he was a year old. He is also not the brightest dog in the planet and is more likely to sit if you say "peanut butter" than "sit".

Next we have Binson. She's a Jack Russell and absolutely thinks she is in charge....she's the smallest! Binson likes to sleep underneath the covers with her head on my pillow.

Next we have Zora. She's our old lady dog. No idea on her breeding (another rescue) but she's always reminded me of an Australian dingo.

And finally we have Ji our youngest. He's a Siberian Husky and is the problem child as he has recently become epileptic. So far he is doing a little better on the medications (and diet) so we are continuing to hope for the best.

Well that's the pack. All of these dogs and non of them work sheep lol!

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