Thursday, May 21, 2009

Here comes the sun (picture heavy)

Plenty of opportunity to get the promised pictures of the babies sunbathing and munching on the spring grass.

This is the best picture I could get of Crystal. She is so friendly that I think I'll need to get someone to take the pictures of her for me. Anyway this is her following me around the paddock.

Here's Xander enjoying the grass I really like how he is put together, he is super solid and an all around nice ram.

Cheyenne has become a real fan of attention and I always enjoy stroking her very soft fleece. I love the little white markings on the inside of her legs.

Celebration and Chloe are enjoying the same patch of grass.

Here is Cinnamon in a rare moment of not trying to sit in my lap.

Xavier is such a friendly guy and who could resist this face? His fleece is wonderfully soft and his little horns are so cute.

This is Cara enjoying the shade.

Hopefully we can stay cool today. 


  1. Beautiful pictures of beautiful (and rapidly growing!) babies...

    Is Celebration out with the other sheep, full-time, now?

  2. Thanks Nancy. I am so happy with this group of lambs.

    Yes Celebration is with them, she actually has always been with them full-time; I just made her a little corner with a pillow so she had her own space for a few weeks. Weirdly it is her sister who follows her around the most even though her mother still ignores her. She is doing very well although is not as big as the other babies are.