Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lambs, rams, and grass

My partner and I finally got the middle pasture fenced in with PermaNet this weekend so the flock can get locked out there. It take 5 rolls so there is plenty of space for everyone, and the boys and girls are happy to get along together.

The only problem is that some of the babies lose their moms in the long grass. How many babies and moms are out here? 

Here's Cinnamon wondering the same thing.

The boys think it's nice to be out of their paddocks and are being perfect gentleman so far.

The babies are growing so fast.

Chloe and little Celebration leave Saturday for their new home. They are going a few weeks early as they have an event to attend. I'll miss their little faces.


  1. They all look so "fat and happy"!

  2. LOL well hopefully they are happy. Poor Dreamer needs to go on a little diet, he's looking a little tubby.