Thursday, August 6, 2009

Horsey spa day

I have been very busy recently with the teaching the sheep to halter train, looking after the chickens (especially Annabelle the rooster with the gimpy leg), physical therapy for my shoulder etc. But today has been planned for weeks. My friend Alex and I arranged a spa day for our horses at the barn where we board. Bridle and ears paths were trimmed, muzzles, shaved, ears and legs were clipped. Horse boy parts were cleaned (sheath cleaning for the horsey amongst us) and then the boys were shampooed and conditioned. When they were dry they were groomed and polished, and finally pictures were taken.

Here's Alex's horse Mikey looking all shiny.

And handsome.

And Muppet my horse Muppet who really liked everything.

Except for losing grass eating time.

Hopefully the weather here stays nice because this weekend is spa day for the Bolton sheep!


  1. Your horse is real nice looking. That is a lot work that "horse spa" thing. Lucky horses.

  2. Thanks Sharrie. I still have a couple of weeks until I can ride so I have more time with him, and it was nice to give him extra attention.

  3. Beautiful horse, Shula! You must be thrilled to get out share some time with him!

  4. Thanks Donna. I am he's a great boy.

  5. Those are the most handsome horses. We must do it again soon.

  6. Muppet is beautiful! What a nice blog. I look forward to reading more.