Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ain't no foolin' about

Quite the day.

After all of the rain we have had our basement has flooded (again) so we spent time the other night family bonding and using wet/dry vacs to get rid of some of the water. I think that helped me get a stinker of a cold. So today I feel rough and have college etc...great timing for Cammie to lamb. She is a first time mom and looked uncomfortable this morning so we closed her off from everyone else, threw down extra straw and I arranged to come home in-between classes
to check on her. My partner was also checking every hour and would call me if something
happened. In my break I came home and noticed that she had one small hoof visible with some bag. I watched. And waited. And waited. 30 mins later still nothing so now I am worried and call my vet. I find gloves, lube, and lambing supplies and while on speakerphone to the vet feel what leg it is. Front. And a chin. With the vet over an hour away I feel around for the other front leg. I think this encouraged her to finally push seriously and within a minute with my assistance we had a ram lamb.

Introducing William weighing in at 5lbs.

All seemed well and I was pretty convinced that was it, Cammie wasn't that large. Sometimes nature likes to prove us wrong though and literally within 15 minutes hooves and a face appeared and another lamb hit the ground.

Introducing Wallace weighing in at just about 4 1/2lbs and looking like his daddy.

Cammie was wonderful drying them up and getting them to nurse. Both were up and eating within 10 minutes of being born. Everything seems to be going well. What a day to come home sick! Sorry the pictures aren't the best they were very young here and will look much better tomorrow or the next day when they can go outside and are all dry.


  1. Congrats! Two rams - I guess we were all wrong. And, what a delivery story! I bet you're glad it's over.

    I'm hoping one or more of my ewes will go this weekend while the weather's nice. One ewe is very well bagged-up and the others have been growing a lot in the last week. We'll see...

  2. Hoorah for healthy lambs!Boo...hiss....they're rams! The little stinkers! Don't count me out, yet!! But, geesh, I was hoping for a ewe! Hurry and get over that cold.....

  3. Yeah, lambs! Congrats on twins!

  4. Very nice lambs! Why is it the boys always have the great color patterns?? Can't wait to see more lambs!