Saturday, April 10, 2010

Grand day out

The weather is nicer and pastures are drying up after the flooding. Today all of the girls and babies got to go and eat nice green grass. Of course the lambs made the most of the opportunity.

And they're off. Derry is so pleased to have other lambs to run with!

Here are some better pictures of Cammie's twins. They are both growing nicely and are very nice rams.

William is quite shy and still the bigger of the two he is a handsome guy though.

And I still can't get over how much Wallace looks like Sunny did when he was born. He's going to be an awesome ram. Can't wait to watch him grow more.

Sabrina chose to stay inside today so I think more lambs are on their way :) Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. Your lambs are just adorable!! Such gorgeous patterns. I love the shetland patterns and colors. Every year lambing is like christmas :)

    Have a great weekend ~

  2. Wallace is VERY handsome indeed!

  3. Sabrina had triplets! 2 rams (of course) and a ewe. It's late but I'll get pictures tomorrow.

    Thanks Deb and Kara :)

  4. Hi Shula....looks like you're having a ram year, huh? They are gorgeous, though! Xander sired a BEAUTIFUL black gul and a gorgeous moorit gul with Nadines ewe Cello....I think she sent you an e-mail. He's doin a great job!! Thanks so much....we love him!!