Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mothers' day

It's been a very hectic time here but I was able to get some pictures this morning of the lambs and moms in the paddock.

The boys were not to be missed out of course looking handsome.

Little Diana is doing much better, the vet thinks she was just squished up from being a triplet and after a few days she straightened out and is running around with the best of them. She's quite a beauty and the only moorit ewe lamb I have still for sale.

Derry is so much bigger than the others being those few weeks older.

This is Winston smelling something good. He's a fun guy and very handsome. His fleece is lovely and soft.

As is his brother Wilburs', however Wilbur does not seem to be growing any horns. He is the same size as his brother who has horn buds but this is what his look like. Maybe half polled? I'm not sure, time will tell. He is a very nice ram wither way and will make a nice flock sire for someone.

And finally this is Marcus now 11 weeks old and some of his toys.

More lamb pictures in the next few days. I have finished college for the summer and am now on vacation! I'm off to the NH sheep and wool festival for the day. Should be fun.


  1. Thanks he is such a wonderful boy. He just has the best horns and personality, and is very happy out with his girls.