Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who, what, and when? Competition.

So the remaining girls due to lamb this year were sheared on Monday too. I managed to get side and front shots of almost all 3 of them yesterday. To enter to win the prize (more about that at the bottom of the post) you need to guess the order they are going to lamb and what they are going to have example Sabrina first twins both rams and then the next sheep. Easy right? :)

This is Sabrina. 3 year old ewe who has had twins on each previous lambing.

Back view of Sabrina.

This is Gypsy. 2 year old ewe who last year had twins.

Back view of Gypsy.

And finally this is a back/side view of Cammie. 1 year old who is having her first lamb/s this year.

The most accurate guess will win a copy of the wonderfully comical sheep detective story called 'Three bags full' by Leonie Swann, it's written from the sheep's perspective and is a fun read.

Closing date is Sunday at 5pm. Obviously I won't know the winner till the lambs arrive but I am hoping that won't be long. I am happy to mail the book internationally as well.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Naked sheep

The sheep were sheared on Monday afternoon and unfortunately for them it got cold on Tuesday. Today it was sunny (but windy) so everyone went outside and got to show off their do's.

Sunny looks wonderful and the shearer remarked what a great fleece he had especially for a ram. He has kept a good weight over winter and breeding season.

Dreamer looks very good too and spent most of the day stretching out in the sun. Dreamer is leaving us in the summer to go to a new great home. I am on the look out (and wait list) for a ram lamb lol.

Daisy Mae looked taller with her fleece off. And still skinny but not as far off height wise from Jacqui as I thought. Hopefully the spring grass will do her some good and she'll look better by the summer. That's Jacqui in the background her fleece was awesome. Can't wait to skirt it.

Jewel is looking good but plump. She is not supposed to lamb this year, I guess I know who has been eating Daisy Mae's food!

Amelia and Derry are doing well although I hope more lambs arrive soon for Derry to socialize with.

Lambing game for the pregnant girls will go up tomorrow. I need to think of a prize :)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

A very fun day

Today we went to go and see our new puppy. We decided to get another dog almost 6 months ago and took a while to decide on the breed. I finally decided I love the Jack Russell terrier that I have (Binson) so we looked at a breeder in our area. After being on the waitlist for a few months our puppy finally arrived.

His name is Marcus and he shares his birthday with mine, although I didn't find that out until today.

He gets to come home in 3 weeks just after Easter and we are very excited to have this addition to our family.

I can hardly wait :) I wonder what Marcus will think of the sheep?

Day outside

Yesterday Derry spent her first day outside with her mom. The weather here was beautiful and she had a great time jumping and running around. Fortunately she was still enough a few times to get a couple of pictures.

She's a cutie.

The chickens also went outside in the garden yesterday prepping the ground for spring planting. They had a great time scratching in the dirt and eating grass, and bugs.

Today is an exciting day. But more on that later :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A nice surprise

Well this morning Amelia surprised me with the first lamb of the season here at Ridgeway Farm. A little ewe lamb that we have finally decided to call Derry (all girls are D's this year and boys will be W's) as she is a St. Patrick's day baby. I checked all the girls last night ironically and thought I was safe from lambs until the shearer arrives on Monday. Amelia didn't feel like she had very much milk so I am wondering if Derry is a little premature. My dates have her a week early.

Anyway mother and baby are doing very well. I am interested by the number of single lambs people are getting this year. Amelia had twins last year her first time out so I was expecting 2. That being said I am very happy with one little girl.

Better pictures will be taken in a few days when they can go outside.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Eck what a delay

Sorry readers for the delay. February got away from me, and March has been busy. We are just recovering from 5 and 1/2 inches of rain in the past 3 days. This is what my middle and back pasture look like today.

As you can see we are waterfront property right now. The Assabet river doesn't normally start until past the fence in the back pasture lol. We were told the pastures "got a little damp" when we bought the property.

My shearer is due to come on Monday afternoon (finally) and the girls and boys are looking forward to having last years fleece removed. The weather is supposed to be lovely in the next few days so they should have plenty of chance to dry out.

Still no sign of lambs :( I am hoping they will arrive soon, and should have a better idea for due dates after they are sheared.

That's all for now. I am off to go and practice trailer loading with Muppet.