Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who, what, and when? Competition.

So the remaining girls due to lamb this year were sheared on Monday too. I managed to get side and front shots of almost all 3 of them yesterday. To enter to win the prize (more about that at the bottom of the post) you need to guess the order they are going to lamb and what they are going to have example Sabrina first twins both rams and then the next sheep. Easy right? :)

This is Sabrina. 3 year old ewe who has had twins on each previous lambing.

Back view of Sabrina.

This is Gypsy. 2 year old ewe who last year had twins.

Back view of Gypsy.

And finally this is a back/side view of Cammie. 1 year old who is having her first lamb/s this year.

The most accurate guess will win a copy of the wonderfully comical sheep detective story called 'Three bags full' by Leonie Swann, it's written from the sheep's perspective and is a fun read.

Closing date is Sunday at 5pm. Obviously I won't know the winner till the lambs arrive but I am hoping that won't be long. I am happy to mail the book internationally as well.


  1. I would love to read the book, so here goes:
    Cammie first, single ram lamb
    Sabrina second, twins, one of each
    Gypsy third, twins, ewe lambs

  2. I want in!!
    Gypsy first: twins-one of each
    Cammie second: my ewe lamb :-)
    Sabrina third: twin ewes

  3. Hope they all have easy lambing. Happy Spring!

  4. I've also been taking side and back pictures to monitor the ewes.

    My VERY novice guess:

    1st Cammie: single ewe
    2nd Sabrina: twins, one each
    3rd Gypsy: twins, one each

  5. Ha Ha, I wouldn't presume to try to out guess Mother Nature. She's made a fool of me way too many times as it is. Have fun!