Saturday, January 22, 2011

Gypsy V's snow

A belated Happy New year to all.

It's been a bad start to 2011 for us here at Ridgeway farm. We lost one of our dogs very suddenly a couple of weeks ago. He was only 8 and we are still none the wiser as to what went wrong. We have also had 2 relatives on my partners side die. Oh and New England has pummeled us with snow! 20 inches one day, 8 inches and an inch of ice another day that week, and then 6 inches yesterday. Now it looks like we are expecting a nice cold spell (yuck) and probably even more snow. The rams are getting very restless and the ewes with them are being tightly controlled. However my 3 single ladies are living it up! Gypsy especially. So without further ado this is what I spent 20 minutes watching this morning, it did make me smile and laugh a few times.

Coming soon Isabella and her photo shot :)


  1. Hope your year improves. We had one like that in 2010, and it continued all year. Gypsy sure likes her snow. She may be the only one who appreciates the beating you are taking with the snow out there.

  2. I will second the crappy start to 2011! It has to get better. Its so hard loosing an animal and not having an answer as to why. I hope all goes better for you. Yep, you New Englanders are just having a heck of a winter;)

  3. I'm sorry to hear that your year started so badly. I'm glad you got some "sheep therapy;" the joy our animals give us helps make up for their far-too-short lives.