Thursday, January 27, 2011

More snow, and more sheep (photos)

Well we got another 10+ inches of snow here last night, and after several hours of digging we now have a driveway and some walkways to the barns and chickens again. If we get more snow we will have to think hard about where to put it! The snowbanks already reach the top of the deck in the backyard which is around 10ft and most snowbanks are over 5ft here.

Anyway as promised here is the wonderful Isabella who is certainly living up to her name. She is from Twin Springs and it's hard to tell with the coat on, but she is a grey katmoget. She's also a HST with white markings on her head, legs, and tail. I'm looking forward to skirting her fleece in March as it feels so soft, and very excited to see her lambs next year.

Griffin just wanted to show you how deep the snow is (even though I shoveled paths for the sheep).

It's about this deep.

I'm not sure Sabrina thinks a lot of all this snow :)

At least it's not bitterly cold right now too. I hope everyone is staying warm and thinking Spring-like thoughts :) Lambs will be here before we know it.


  1. I can't wait for lamb pictures!

  2. You guys are really getting dumped on this year. I remember two years in a row we had snow like that. It is so hard to shovel when you can't throw the snow high enough to get it on top of the banks. Hope you don't get any more!

  3. Great shots.

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  4. You have such beautiful sheep!! I love Jewel and I was wondering if you happen to have any adult pictures sent from the new owners of her 2009 lambs celeration and crystal? If not, do they have a website or e-mail that I could contact. You can e-mail me back,
    Thank you!

  5. Oh sorry, forgot to leave my name!