Friday, May 6, 2011

Strike a pose

This morning was so lovely and sunny that I decided to spend some time sitting out with the lambs. They in turn decided to amuse me no end with the poses they struck, and the stick antics they got up to. Here's a sampling of what I managed to photograph. Sorry it's so picture heavy :)

I had to include this picture as Vance is away from his mom.

Ok it didn't last long but he's a growing boy and needed to eat.

Valentine can go from this... this in a matter of seconds.

Vladamir showed off his hind leg chewing skills.

He looked very impressed with himself for it too.

Vaughan started the stick craze.

Although tried to maintain his cool.

Eleanor looked interested in the craze, if only Eliza would let go of her stick.

Nope not going to happen.

She looked incredibly proud of herself for her stick chewing abilities though.

It's not a stick, but look at me stretch!

Did you see? Eleanor always looks proud of herself.

That's all for today. I have my first horse show of the year on Sunday where I will be hoping to ride three dressage tests. Hopefully we have more wonderful weather, and it all goes well. Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. Beautiful lambs! Best of success to you at the dressage show; I'm rooting for you!

  2. They are so incredibly sweet, adorable and likely cuddly too!