Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cats and mice...well mouse technically

Here's the long awaited update for Might Mouse. He's doing great and eating solid food. He has more than doubled in size and only gets a small handwarmer at nighttime now. Here he is with one of his favorite foods, a raisin.

He's still pretty tiny and not heavy enough to move his wheel or ball around yet, we're not sure how much bigger he is going to get.

Obviously the house cats Puff (ginger) and Spuckie (grey) are not overly stressed about a mouse being in their house though :)

The breeding groups are going very well. Everyone seems very content with each other and the boys are still behaving nicely still. I need to go out and buy pumpkins for everyone soon. I hope everyone else is enjoying this very nice Fall.


  1. Your mouse is so cute!

    I put notes up all over town and let everyone know that I'll take their old pumpkins off there hands and get tons of free ones every year..

  2. I saw your post picture on my mom's (Nancy K) site, and was so intrigued I had to check out your blog. That mouse is adorable!! And I think its wonderful you're taking such good care of it, not treating it like a "varmint", welll done :)

  3. Mighty Mouse! I love it! Amazing how much bigger he is.

  4. Thanks Nancy. That's a great idea I'll ask people at the barn to throw their pumpkins my way.

    Thank you Katie. Oh he is adorable, and I am just a sucker for baby animals.

    LOL thanks Wendy. Yes he has grown so fast :) Hopefully soon he'll weigh enough to make the wheel spin around...right now he just crawls the whole way around it without it moving.

  5. He is so cute and hairy. Just like a real grown up mouse.