Monday, October 5, 2009

Let the fun begin

The leaves are changing here at Ridgeway Farm, which means breeding season is upon us. On Saturday I put all of the sheep in their groups. The weather was horrible, so there weren't many picture opportunities.

Group 1 is Dreamer with Amelia. She had 2 lovely black lambs last year and was a wonderful mom.

Group 2 is Sunny with Sabrina, Gypsy and Cammie. Sunny has more because I loved the lambs from Sabrina and Gyspy with him last year, and breeding Cammie to him just makes good sense.

I'm very excited to see what lambs are produced this year. Last year we had a wonderful group of lambs, and so my hopes are high.

Jewel says "I seem to have been overlooked."

Yes, Jewel has a year off (I hope lol) and so is playing baby sitter to Jaqui

and Daisy Mae. Neither one is old enough to breed this year. Daisy Mae has gained 17% of her body weight in 7 weeks and is doing great, as you can see she is a bit of a loner.

Here's wishing all of my sheepy friends a successful breeding season :)


  1. Beautiful photos!
    Gosh, Dreamer is stunning! And that little, white, ewe lamb that Jewel is babysitting is a real heart breaker!

    Wishing you lots of beautiful, healthy babies in 2010...

  2. Nice pictures, Shula! The sheep look wonderful....can't wait to see what Cammi has next Spring.
    Ain't breeding season grand? :-)Let's hope I get a nice gul ewe for you out of MY breedings!! I will put my guys together this week sometime....I worry for a few days until I know everyone is okay and settle down into their "pairings". Some of them just get sooooo upset that their routine or buddy has changed...then things get back to normal.
    Here's wishing you lots of ewes...

  3. Nice to see someone else with similar size breeding groups! May we both have just the lambs we dream of!

  4. Looking good! You harvest pictures from last post are wonderful too!

  5. Thanks Nancy, and yes Dreamer is so handsome.

    LOL yes it is Donna. SO far all is going very well and everyone other than Jewel is happy. She is getting along better with the babies though. I'm crossing my fingers for lots of ewes for you too.

    Thanks Michelle. Yes we both have small flocks and I'd rather breed only a few and hope to sell all the babies to good homes, than over breed and have to sell for meat. Good dreams for you too!

    Thanks Kara :) I hope you're doing well too.