Monday, October 26, 2009

A little bit of everything almost.

Today was very nice here at Ridgeway Farm, although I actually spent a lot of it at Muppet's barn clipping him. No pictures of that as I haven't done it before really and it didn't look great lol. Poor guy has to wait for his hair to grow in. Anyway I did take random pictures around the farm.

Here's a before

and after shot.

This is what I spent my Sunday doing. I still need to finish off the white trim but I think it looks quite nice. I have also insulated the inside so it looks like a shiny silver rocket lol.

My Grey's Anatomy inspired silkies Meredith,


and Christina are looking all grown up and are laying little pink/creamy eggs.

Jaquith is wearing the latest fall fashion accessory. Hay. All the sheep are predicted to be wearing it this winter. You read it here first.

Daisy Mae got weighed in today at 30lbs! That's a weight gain of 2lbs in the last 2 weeks. Very nice progress and she does look much better.

In non-farm news my mum back in England is getting a new puppy who was born on Sunday morning. Her name is Martha and she's one of the little bundles of joy below.

Phew I'm pictured out!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A wee nip in the air

Yesterday and today saw us waking up to quite the frost here in Massachusetts (they even say it might snow this weekend). I didn't have time for pictures yesterday but here's todays snaps.

Still waiting for the sun to rise more at 7am.

Frosty mums.

Dreamer's thinking today might be the day lol. I am not sure Amelia is convinced yet.

Daisy Mae is enjoying her morning snack. I am letting her eat grain and hay in the barn with me in the mornings while I muck out. She's increased her body weight by 17+% and is growing nicely.

Jaqui is looking really good in her coat. She actually went up a size last week, I wish I'd gotten pictures of her fleece. It is so soft.

Well that's all for now. I did get some pictures of the other group but they all came out looking a little possessed with the flash or something lol. I'm off to Provincetown on the Cape for the weekend after my midterm tomorrow. I might try to find a sweater for Binson my Jack Russell, she is really feeling the cold this year and it's only October.

Stay warm everyone.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cats and mice...well mouse technically

Here's the long awaited update for Might Mouse. He's doing great and eating solid food. He has more than doubled in size and only gets a small handwarmer at nighttime now. Here he is with one of his favorite foods, a raisin.

He's still pretty tiny and not heavy enough to move his wheel or ball around yet, we're not sure how much bigger he is going to get.

Obviously the house cats Puff (ginger) and Spuckie (grey) are not overly stressed about a mouse being in their house though :)

The breeding groups are going very well. Everyone seems very content with each other and the boys are still behaving nicely still. I need to go out and buy pumpkins for everyone soon. I hope everyone else is enjoying this very nice Fall.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Let the fun begin

The leaves are changing here at Ridgeway Farm, which means breeding season is upon us. On Saturday I put all of the sheep in their groups. The weather was horrible, so there weren't many picture opportunities.

Group 1 is Dreamer with Amelia. She had 2 lovely black lambs last year and was a wonderful mom.

Group 2 is Sunny with Sabrina, Gypsy and Cammie. Sunny has more because I loved the lambs from Sabrina and Gyspy with him last year, and breeding Cammie to him just makes good sense.

I'm very excited to see what lambs are produced this year. Last year we had a wonderful group of lambs, and so my hopes are high.

Jewel says "I seem to have been overlooked."

Yes, Jewel has a year off (I hope lol) and so is playing baby sitter to Jaqui

and Daisy Mae. Neither one is old enough to breed this year. Daisy Mae has gained 17% of her body weight in 7 weeks and is doing great, as you can see she is a bit of a loner.

Here's wishing all of my sheepy friends a successful breeding season :)