Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sheepy post

The girls are all doing very well. Hopefully in a few months or even weeks lambs will be on the ground.

Sabrina is getting to be an old hand at this being my oldest sheep in the flock. She's just happy that she gets animal crackers every other night when I sit with the girls as Daisy Mae eats.

Amelia is becoming a lot like her mom Hermione and comes over for attention now instead of trying to run away.

The single girls are doing well too. Daisy Mae has put on another 2lbs, and although she still looks smaller than Jacqui she is continuing to grow nicely. Any ideas on how to put extra weight on her though would be good.

Dreamer just wanted to make sure I paid attention to him to, he's such an attention seeker and loves it all.

I go back to college this week. But I need to spend some time coming up soon pulling hay out of everyone's fleeces and trimming hooves. Almost time to contact the sheep shearer :)

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  1. Everyone is looking good, Shula! Next year I am investing in sheep coats for hay season!!! Colby is doing great and hopefully Xander did his "job"....I'm anxious to see what he produces for us. Shearer comes here in three weeks...