Sunday, January 31, 2010

30 minutes well spent

It is very cold here today (again) and so the chickens got oatmeal for breakfast. I decided while they were eating that I would go and spend some time with the sheep.

The 4 girls' who have been bred were enjoying their morning hay in the sunshine. Cammie has grown such a long fleece that even going up 2 sizes in coat she is still growing out of this one. Her coat underneath looks amazing though and I can't wait to see what they are all like after they are sheared this year.

Amelia is by far my biggest looking ewe. She might very well lamb first, hopefully around the start of March.

I liked this shot of Sabrina, Cammie and Amelia all eating.

The boys are getting along well with each other and rarely butt heads these days.

Sunny has grown up to be a complete sweetheart.

And Dreamer too, although he can be a bit of a clown at times.

Daisy Mae finally fits into the smallest sheep coat I own (a size c). She is still putting on weight and growing well and I am interested to see her progression over the summer. I think it might take her until she is 2 to reach her full size and really judge her.

Jaqui is becoming very friendly and has an amazingly soft fleece. She has discovered the wonder of animal crackers and now seeks out attention.

Her and Daisy Mae get on very well. They are actually only a day apart in age even though this is hard to tell by the size difference.

I liked this picture of Jewel, Daisy Mae and Jacqui.

Of course the whole time I was being watched :)

I have been busy ordering my lambing supplies. I made sure I have milk replacer on hand, although I hope to not need it, and some other essentials that I was getting low on. I'm going to spend the rest of the day relaxing. A good book and warm fire sound like heaven.


  1. Love your pictures. Your girls looks great - and those rams: what impressive horns!

    It's about 20 here today - feels downright balmy without the wind :)

    Enjoy your book by the fire. I also think that's a great way to spend a sunday.

  2. I love all the pictures of the sheep....perhaps some of them look a tad snug in their coats:) I give you props on those big boys with the really big and beautiful horns! I like those big horns on others farms instead of mine now as I have repaired one to many fence posts")

  3. I really enjoyed the pics! I would LOVE to sink my hands into some of those fleeces...and I've never seen such a handsome border collie ram! Amy at Wheely Wooly Farm

  4. If it snows again I will have to try out giving my hens some oatmeal. Neat idea. Your sheep look very cozy in their overcoats. Great photos!

  5. Thanks Deb, I love the horns on both of my boys too. LOL Kristi I think every time I change their coats they grow more overnight! Thanks Amy, I'll have plenty of fleeces for sale as soon as they are sheared if you are interested. I am never sure what t do with them so just show them. And thanks Callie I hope your chickens love the oatmeal as much as mine do. Cold watermelon in summer works great too.