Monday, June 28, 2010

A new addition

Today I drove over 500 miles to pick up my new ram. He actually had a much longer journey but a couple of people transported him a few places for me (thanks Tiff, and Sally). Unfortunately now I am too tired to get a picture of him here, but here are his baby pictures.

Introducing Windswept Griffin II

I think he's super handsome and the pictures don't actually do him justice.

Right now he's tucking into some hay and just chilling. Hopefully tomorrow I can put him in a paddock by himself and get some good pictures. Oh and just to tease, this is not the only trip I have to make this year. I have another equally long trip next week :)

1 comment:

  1. He is exquisite, Shula! Thank you so much for your part in "the Great Puppy Hand-off" yesterday! Bella has settled right in.....
    I'm anxious to see what comes next to Ridgeway Farm! You are going to have some mighty pretty little lambs running around next Spring! I bet you are already doing the Shetland Shuffle in your know breeding group planning. LOL