Saturday, June 27, 2009

And introducing

Well with the rest of the lambs leaving today it was lovely to actually get a lamb to join the flock. I have wanted a white lamb for a year or two, and was very excited when Nadine at Painted Knoll showed my pictures of this girl.

So here is Painted Knoll Jacquith, Jackie or Jac for short.

Super cute.

The pasture looks rather empty now (empty but not quiet lol). Xander and Colby left for their new home with Donna in NH, Cinnamon and Cheyenne left for their home in CT with Penny, and Cara went to Nan at Hythe farm in MA. I am sad to see them all leave but so happy that they all found really good homes. I should be going into winter with 9 sheep, which means I have 1 more arriving :)


  1. She's beautiful!!
    I love white, ewe lambs. She looks like she's already got a ton of fleece!

  2. Very nice, BUILT ewe lamb! Sounds like we have about the same size flock; if I sell my two extra little ramlings to the couple visiting tomorrow, I'll be down to a total of 8.

  3. That cutie is my High Bid Hester's(black with islet) half sister if she a Maple Ridge Logan daughter. Congrats on all your sales and your new lambie!

  4. Thanks Nancy, yes she does and it is so soft.

    Michelle yes my plan is to stay under 10 which I think is more manageable for me, especially at lambing time.

    Kara, yes she is Maple Ridge Logan's daughter, and thanks.

    Thanks Mac :)

  5. She is so cute Shula, congrats to you.