Monday, June 15, 2009

Walk, leap or lie down?

Yes it does sound like a the name of a game show, but it's actually the big decision every lamb has to make when he, or she starts their halter training. Our lambs began theirs on Saturday and here are the rather comedic outcomes.

Cheyenne was the best at walking straight away with her halter. She only had a few moments of lying down but she did very well.

Cinnamon lay down a lot before she understood.

Xavier did the best leaping.

Before her got it.

It was all too much for Crystal though who just lay down.

Xander played dead. We did manage to coax him into a more upright position later on.

Colby half got it. Sometimes she lay down and sometimes she walked ok. 

It really was a shame not to catch some of the more put out facial expressions. But hopefully you have a taste of how halter training went. Right now they are a work in progress.


  1. Brings back memories!
    And reminds me that I suppose it's time that I started my unsuspecting lambs at halter. Perhaps I'll start giving them animal crackers. I find they do SO much better at halter if they're already hooked on animal crackers. Still, there are always the comedic photo ops like you so skillfully captured...

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I LOVE the black lamb. I can totally feel your pain - aren't they just silly sometimes. I have better luck with the boys than the girls. I thought I'd never get PP broke to lead.

  3. One of my ram lambs tried the "dead" position several tines. Eyes glaze over; VERY convincing!

  4. Love the "dead lamb" pics! I guess I had better get going on halter training too :(.

  5. LOL Nancy that was with animal crackers. Good luck with your training.

    Hi and thanks, yes he was a crack up. I find the boys lead better as well normally too.

    Michelle lol I missed the shot on the back with all 4 legs pointing skywards.

    Corinne thanks, I like to get a few sessions in before they leave unfortunately this year I am hampered by my shoulder.

  6. Everytime I look at this I laugh!!!! Xander may need a bit of coaxing on the lead! :-)