Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just a small update

No pictures sorry, you can blame the wonderful New England weather which has been rainy for several days. It is supposed to get nice tomorrow so maybe I can get some then? 

I just wanted to update because Crystal and Xavier left today for their new home in Vermont *waves to new owner and hopes to see a blog from her soon* they were fun to load up as Crystal is just a hoot. However it was sad to see them both leave and on Saturday the other babies all go to their new homes :( Luckily for me I get a little something at that time.

I just wanted to warn everyone that after next week I might not be posting for a while. I am due to have surgery on my shoulder on Tuesday and until the surgeon knows how bad the repair is I don't know what my recovery time will be. Could only be a week in a sling, might be 6. I'm just hoping it takes the pain away, and means I can use my shoulder properly for the first time in over a year.

I'll work on those pictures soon.


  1. I know the mixed feelings that come with saying good bye to your lambs. It's hard to let them go but always nice to know you've found them good homes. Plus, "you can't keep them all"! ;-)

    Good luck with your surgery! Did you injure your shoulder? I hope you have a miraculously speedy recovery!

  2. Best of luck with your surgery. It will be difficult to recover without the use of the shoulder, but it will be a lot better when it is done.

    Try typing with one hand to let us know how you are doing.

  3. Best of luck with your surgery. I hope your recovery is short and as painless as possible. Take good care - a little R&R will do you good :)

    Will look forward to an update on how your doing.

  4. See you Saturday with a "special delivery" to make you smile while you are recovering....

  5. Thanks everyone for the well wishes. Nancy I have had should pain in my right shoulder for over a year, strangely not improved by falling of my horse 9+ months ago. The doctor thinks I have tendonitis, a slap lesion and maybe a tear of my rotator cuff. Shame I am right handed. Donna lol I can hardly wait.