Friday, September 25, 2009

Vegetables, fruit, and eggs

Well it's that time in the year when all the fall fruit is ready on the trees. Our pear tree is overflowing this year. None of the fruit will win a medal for beauty, but the taste is wonderful.

This was our first ever pumpkin. 

The spaghetti squash was quite the over-achiever this year with it's harvest. This is half of them. The sheep have already eaten a lot.

The bell pepper plant on the deck gave us 2 peppers that are ready to be picked. 

And here is a sample of the egg variety we are having. From left to right we have the mammoth egg by the mystery layer, pale green, pale pink and pale blue are the easter eggers, Rosalie's brown egg is next and finally we think this might be Annabelle's first egg as it seems to be bantam sized. We are still waiting for the silkies to get laying :) I believe their eggs are a creamy color.

Fall has arrived here and I am starting to look at breeding groups for the sheep in the next week. Let the fun begin.


  1. Hi your fall harvest photos....isn't it fun? I love "shopping" right here in our garden every day! I'm going to miss it...frost is supposed to hit up here tonight!
    Who are you breeding Cami(?) to? I am interested!!!! Let me know...I want a new ewe next spring...I'm making up my wish list and I loved her fleece!!! Will she be bred to Xanders dad? or to the gul?? I'm serious....

  2. Hi Donna :) She will be bred to Sunny as I can't wait to see what that brings. He sired some gorgeous lambs last year. You have mail.