Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Busy weekend

I apologize in advance for another chicken post. I promise the next one will be sheep related. Our labor day weekend was spent building a chicken pen that can be moved onto a fresh area of grass every day. 

It's 8ft by 8ft and the girls' seemed to really like it.

They already have the hang of waiting by the coop and pen door and then running to the new pen for their grass.  Annabelle has to be carried over, but she/he? still moves around just fine, and isn't getting picked on.

Rosalie is still our only egg layer so far and has given us 5 eggs in 6 days. I'm sure the others will start this month now they are 5 months old.

The cats like the pen too and are really enjoying 'chick TV' :) This is Sugar our abandoned barn cat. She's a sweetheart, hence the name.

Anyway that's all for today. I have college now and won't get to be home until it is dark. It's going to be a long day. I hope everyone had a great weekend.


  1. Lucky girls :) That's a very nice chix pen. They will definately enjoy that.

    With schools back in session, days are longer and darkness seems to arrive earlier. Have a good week ~

  2. What a nice, moveable pen! You've got a beautiful assortment of chickens and I get a kick out of Sugar and her chick T.V. I suppose it's no different than me watching commercials for Red Lobster or the Olive Garden...


  3. Nice pen! This is much what I have in mind to build for the kittens 'romper room'. They are growing fast to the stage of needing it. Thanks for the visual, it came at a good time. I'm hoping it doesn't take to long to put together.

  4. That's a BIG chicken tractor! And I had no idea chickens would run to such an enclosure on their own. I don't think ours would.... Is Rosalie the black and red one? She's beautiful! What breed is she?

  5. I just found your blog and love it. I have to say I don't mind a chicken post.

  6. Okay since you share my love electronet, I have to tell you I have been using two strands of poultry netting for my layers as of late and they love it. We put them back in the safety of their tractor at night, but the solar charger gives enough zap during daylight to keep them safe (FROM MY DOG! Who loves chicken TV!) Nice chicken tractor you made for your chickens, well done.

  7. Thanks Deb. Yes it does seem to be getting dark really early now. You have a good week too :)

    Hi Nancy. It takes a few people to move but so far we have managed to move it every day. LOL yes Sugar and Miss Kitty both love watching the TV lol.

    Thanks Tammy. It took a few hours on the Saturday to do and that was with 2 people (with no handy skills whatsoever lol) and a lot of contorting ourselves into odd positions to hammer in the tacks. The next day was fun :) Good luck with your beautiful kittens.

    Hi Michelle. Yes they get very excited when they watch us move the pen, line up at the gate and then run across the grass to the pen lol. Rosalie is a buff orpington, her picture is in the egg post. That picture was Annabelle she/he? is a Buff Brahma bantam, and a real character.

    Welcome Judy and thank you.

    Thanks Kara. We thought about the electric fencing but we get a lot of hawks etc and worried about overhead predators getting in (or chickens flying out), hence the tractor. But they have the coop and run for bad weather days.