Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a nice day

The weather is lovely here in Massachusetts today. Not hot or humid, and not cold or rainy. If I was Goldilocks I would think it was just right. The geese are migrating, and in the evening they fly over the house calling each other.

The chickens run to the front of their pen every morning (or time I walk past) to see what I will drop in for them.

Miss Kitty (one of the barn cats) caught me a mouse today and then sat in the shade after she had eaten it...she was kind enough to leave the head on the barn floor. 

The sheep are happy enjoying the grass. After all the rain we had last month everything sort of exploded and grew. Amelia is mid-ear wag.

Daisy Mae is doing well and growing. She still feels thin but is getting better.

Jacqui is also growing very well, and has settled in great.

I don't have pictures but I have been riding again. I had my third ride back today and worked on getting Muppet in front of my leg. So far he has been super, and we are both having a good time getting back into work. Unfortunately college starts back on Friday so my summer vacation is over. I hope everyone had a great summer though.


  1. We are enjoying the same beautiful weather and I for one am delighted it's cooler :)

    Your sheep all look wonderful - I envy your grass. Ours is grazed down now and I have to start thinking about supplementing hay fairly soon. Each year we graze just a little bit longer.

    Congratulations on your ride - I'm sure it's wonderful to be back in the saddle. I haven't ridden in several years since I lost my old horse. There's no room for another = too many sheep :)

    Summer seems to be over now that schools are back in session. My youngest started his freshman year of high school yesterday. Not sure where the summer has gone -

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Deb. Yes I am so happy it is cooler, and goodbye humidity. Thanks I actually have several divided paddocks so I usually have grass very late for them. I missed riding a lot, I had been happier the past few weeks though just spending time grooming but Muppet gets bored quickly. I hope your youngest has a enjoyable year. Our oldest started middle school last week so we have 2 different buses to wake up for. Yuck. Thanks again and you too!