Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The chicks arrived!

Well after yesterdays surprise lambs my day old baby chicks arrived today. I ordered from My Pet chicken as you could have a smaller order and they put in heat packs instead of packing peanut roos. Oh and they sex bantams.

So I ordered 2 Buff chateclers but only 1 arrived.

1 buff brahma bantam who is very tired from the trip.

1 buff orpington caught mid-poop.

3 Easter eggers, but only 2 arrived.

And 3 silkie bantams of various colors. They should be black, buff and blue but the blue looks more white. They are tiny compared to the Buff Orpington.

Right now my coop is being finished and looking very nice. The chicks have all eaten, had some water and taken a poop. I'm a little disappointed that 2 chicks didn't arrive but at least so far everyone is healthy and the ones that arrived will have more room in the coop.

Xeno and Chloe are doing very well and hopefully the weather will get warmer and drier so they can go outside and I can get some good pictures. They are both so cute. That's all for today unless more surprises greet me later :)


  1. I would like to know what hatchery you used. They really ripped you off. The blue silkie is a splash. See how its light colored? Well that will stay light and get splotches of blue and black here and there on it. You should call that hatchery and tell them what all you are missing and have them replace it.

  2. When you order the blue silkies they warn you that only 50% come out blue, the rest could be white, black or splash. I don't mind that, I'm not showing or anything. I ordered from My pet chicken and have already called them about the 2 missing chicks. They were very apologetic and are refunding the money for those 2; they can't ship just 2 out and they are finding out what went wrong. They also said let them know if I lose any chicks in the next 48 hours. So far they all look good except for the Buff Brahma bantam who is lying down a lot, but she has eaten and drunk so might just be tired.