Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How to cheer myself up

So my shoulder MRI did not go well and I needed to cheer myself up. What better way than to go and watch the lambs being silly?

Here's Chloe fighting a stick...and loosing. Unfortunately I missed the next part when she fell over trying to wrestle it out of the way.

Cinnamon playing with the ball.

Xander just being silly. He loves his attention, but is being very respectful. Plus his face is so cute and cheeky, or should I say handsome? Xander has been sold and I thought his new mommy would appreciate this picture.

Celebration proving a lamb is a much faster learner than a baby. Let's see a thirteen day old baby do this. Celebration has also been sold and is going to a wonderful home with Chloe too (Hi Holly *waves*)

And Cara having a dig in the dirt. She is my youngest lamb and I think she's wonderful, her fleece is so soft and silky.

In shoulder news I have actually torn my rotator cuff and need surgery soon. I have a contrast MRI tomorrow, which involves dye being injected into the shoulder joint and then a 45-60 minute MRI. I am told the injection hurts rather a lot. Oh and on the last MRI I got rather claustrophobic *sigh* not something I am looking forward to. The surgery will ruin my whole summer that I had planned to show Muppet and the sheep during...oh and learn to surf. Better luck next year I guess :(


  1. I'm so sorry about the shoulder! But congratulations on the lamb sales. At least you can sit with the sheep during recovery. :-)

  2. Sorry to hear about the shoulder. Hope the test is better than what you heard about it. Sometimes that happens. Your lambs are looking mighty happy.

  3. Thanks for the picture, Shula! I hope your shoulder issues are over and done with soon! Get well!!

  4. Thanks Michelle. Yes I can and my friends at the barn have decided they want to car pool me out there for my horsie time too.

    Hi Sharrie, well I hope so. Thank you.

    Donna you are welcome :) I guess someone thought I needed a break.

  5. Such adorable, beautiful babies! Awww!

    I had to have shoulder surgery, and many years of medical care before then after a car accident. I feel for you! Hopefully it heals fast, and smoothly!