Friday, April 17, 2009

Lambs, and flowers, and chicks oh my

Another day is coming to a close and it was definitely spring like here in Massachusetts. So what better way than to spend my afternoon, than to spend it in the barn.

Celebration is getting up and about better, and even went to college today where she got to sleep through Nursing Research. I wish I was that lucky. She follows me around everywhere, and I feel terrible when I have to leave her in the barn. I keep telling myself she needs to be with other lambs. *Sigh* I am not sure how I will sell her, I am thinking of letting her go as a pet.

Crystal is growing like a weed. She looks taller every hour, and hardly leaves her mothers side.

The adventurous twins Xeno and Chloe are trying to look innocent...and not like they were caught eating the dirt.

And Xavier is too comfy to go outside in the sun (Cinnamon was sleeping too).

The flowers are finally coming out. Leaves will be next.

And the chickens are growing their feathers. They think they can fly now and are getting quite exciting to clean out.

Tomorrow is the start of the long weekend, but I get to wake up early for my MRI. Lucky me.


  1. Oh dear; what's the MRI for? Your lambs are looking so lovely; are you SURE you couldn't make room for Celebration in your flock? ;-)

    Our lilacs aren't even close to blooming yet, although we've had lots of other flowers.

  2. The doctors and PT think I have torn my rotator cuff, we'll see. Either way it's painful. Sadly no room but I have a home in mind which would be perfect if it worked. Thanks Michelle.

  3. Rick thinks he has a bad rotator cuff. Not a good problem for a large-animal vet to have, but I'm worried about how long our breadwinner would be off work if he has surgery! Plus, I've heard that surgery doesn't always fix things.... I hope the results of your MRI are encouraging, not DIScouraging!