Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm seeing spots everywhere

Gypsy had her lambs at around 4am this morning when I was out feeding Celebration. 1 ram and 1 ewe, and wow their fleeces are stunning. Sonny (Painted Knoll Suncook) is their sire. Here's RF Xavier who weighed in at a very leggy 6 1/2lbs .

And his sister RF Cinnamon who weighed in at 6lbs on the dot.

Mother and babies are doing great.

Jewel is being a wonderful mother to Crystal who is very friendly and curious (and tall).

And the terrible twins Xeno and Chloe are taking an interest in Celebration (who is doing very well). They want to know when she can join the lamb races.

Now I need to nap lol. Oh and the chicks have decided they can fly! I need to get pictures of them as they grow up so fast.


  1. What beautiful babies you have! I can't wait to see Celebration join in the lamb races too!

    How many more to go???

  2. Pretty lambies! I am STILL waiting for the rest of mine : (.

  3. Love your new ram! He's adorable!

  4. Thanks Nancy. I have Sabrina to go very soon and Hermione in mid-May. So far I am excited to have so many ewes. Celebration got scours today which I caught very early (apparently). The vet came straight out and said mild dehydration. SC fluids, pepto bismal and some electrolytes and she seems to be doing better. Hopefully she'll be racing by the weekend. Sorry to hear you are still sick. When are your lambs coming?

    Corinne (hugs) the waiting sucks, but it sure is worth it. Thanks, they are all so cute.

    Hi Donna and thank you. His legs look like they go one for miles. Hopefully I'll be able to find good homes for all my babies. I don't plan to keep anyone.

  5. Oh my your not keeping any of them? With beautiful lambs like those? I have the opposite problem, I want to keep them all! I felt sick to my stomach when someone came out to see the lambs today and bought two. Anyways congrats on your lambies!

  6. Hi Kara :) No I am trying to limit my flock numbers, and so all the babies will be for sale. Maybe in a few years when I am retiring one of my flock I'l replace with the lambs but I try not to sell my older ones. Although it is super hard not to get attached, they are adorable. Congrats on your lambs! Have you recovered from lambing season yet?