Thursday, April 9, 2009

Outside time, and oh my is that a blimp?

It was a nice sunny day today so after work and my riding lesson I could let the lambs out for their first time when I got home.

The other 3 ewes ignored Amelia and the babies who stuck pretty close to their mamma.

I think Chloe could almost smile for the camera.

After finally looking away from the babies I notice exactly how large the other ewes have become. I swear Jewel's milk looks ready to explode, she reminds me of the Hindenburg disaster.

Gypsy is looking big for a first timer.

And Sabrina is quickly catching up.

Hopefully this means someone will lamb soon....or I will have to start renting out advertising space on their bellies and letting them film sports events :)


  1. Oh my. Jewel is even STANDING like she's uncomfortably large! She's beautiful; can't wait to see her babies!

  2. Jewel is lovely, even if she is a blimp. Looks to me like it should be soon! It's always nice to get those lambs turned out on pasture--how at first they stick close to mom, then suddenly they discover they can run like wind!

  3. Thanks Michelle and Tammy. Still no lambs today but Jewel had a lot of belly rubs that she really enjoyed. I am expecting some very flashy and large lambs from her (last year Yosemite was 7 1/2 lbs). The lambs are now charging up and down the pasture in-between pretending to eat grass. Oh and all the chicks are doing very well. We do have one that has an injured foot but she is still hopping around fine.

  4. Lovely lambs. I'm playing the "who's next to pop" game too. Looking forward to more photos.