Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun in the sun

It's a warm day in Massachusetts and I made the most of it by sitting out with the lambs lol. It is actually supposed to be nice all weekend so I am sure there will be another blog post in the next few days too. 

Anyway here is Xander (the lamb previously known as Xeno) in a rare moment of stillness. I think it lasted almost 30 seconds. He is my first lamb to be sold, and is so incredibly friendly it's hard to get good pictures of him.

And another terrible picture of Cheyenne - who yes Michelle does look like she has sugar lips - so is modified. I just have no idea what color she will go, and am completely fascinated by her little silver belly still.  I'm open to ideas.

Crystal is doing really well and is such a pretty girl. She spent quite a long time jumping over my back in the pasture when I was lying down.

The sunshine and games were too much for Cara and she had to take a nap in the shade. 

And of course I needed to include a picture of Celebration who is checking out the toys in the new paddock. 

All-in-all a beautiful day.


  1. OH, gosh, what adorable lambs!

    umm...I don't think "modified" and "sugar lips" describe the same thing. I think modified means all fibers the same paler color, and sugar lips means the fleece looks paler because there are a lot of white fibers mixed with darker fibers (hence the white sugar lips showing up against a darker nose.)

  2. I agree with Angela; to me sugarlips (and that light color coming in at her roots, it looks like) indicates she is Ag. She could be a modified color, too, but the fading gene will still make her go light.

  3. Hi Angela. Thank you. Oh and thanks for clearing up the confusion. That makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks Michelle, I swear sometimes I don't know anything. I need to read up on sheep genetics! Is the fading gene (Ag) recessive?